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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website


01People expect you to have one

02Convenience for customers

03Provides greater exposure

04It is the ultimate sales brochure

05Saves your time and money

06Creates measurable results

07Inexpensive, effective advertising

08Communications and Feedback

09Always available for access 24x7

10Branding your business in the market

People expect you to have one

The web is increasingly the first option in a person's search for information, services and products and if you're not on the web, people won't find you - but they might find somebody else. Your potential customers might be going elsewhere just because you don't have a website!

8 out of 10 consumers say they would contact a company that has a website first, over and above one that doesn't.

Convenience for customers
Using the Internet to search for businesses and products is much easier and faster than any time in the past. Millions of searches are done everyday and it is commonplace for businesses to find their next supplier over the web.

Provides greater exposure

Your website will be visible to all your potential and current clients. You will no longer be tied to the limited geographic exposure of the yellow pages or the phone book. Your customers won't need to visit your office or retail outlet to see example of what you offer nor will they need a brochure or other marketing materials posted to them.

It is the ultimate sales brochure
A website can play the role of a high-quality, interactive, full-color brochure listing all the goods and services you offer. It is easily updated, meaning your product listings and prices are always accurate. Websites can also display large amounts of information, much more than a newspaper ad or even a brochure, and this information is available anytime to anyone with internet access.

Saves your time and money
You know how much time is spent answering the same questions and repeating the same information about the services you offer! By putting those answers and messages on your website, you can direct those with enquiries to your website allowing them to absorb the relevant information at their own pace. You can also save money on printing and postage costs for brochures, flyers(pamphlet), specials, newsletters, and other mailings. When it comes to advertising web can deliver guaranteed targeted visitors to your site with an Internet Marketing campaign for a lower cost.

Creates measurable results
A web site allows you to track the number of visits and where they came from, e.g. an online advert or search engine. It can record the number of enquiries or online sales in the case of an ecommerce site, thus producing a ratio of enquiries to visitors which gives the conversion rate. With this information you can take steps to improve this ratio and increase sales.

Inexpensive, effective advertising
Your customers will have a better knowledge of your products or services, as they are able to research your products or services in their own time, instead of having to rely on a furiously paced TV, Newspaper or radio ad togather the information they need.

Communications and Feedback
Allowing a space or link on your site for interactive communication and feedback are some of the most important tools a website can afford you, and not just for business purposes. While brochures, flyers, audio and videos can allow you to inform readers what you have to offer, soliciting feedback informs you what the readers (potential customers) want. You could invite readers to take a poll and sweeten the reason to do so, by a reward. Depending on the reward you're offering you will generate a buzz (word of mouth) chain reaction and your business may boom from one on one to one on many. The possibilities are endless.

Always available for access 24x7
Your website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you are unable to answer the phone, you can be sure that your website is available to answer your customer's questions for you.

Branding your business in the market
In order to set yourself off from the pack and create customer loyalty and patronage, you have to make a consumer feel good about you and your services. Tools such as branding and newsletters can assist you and differentiate you from similar competitors.


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