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WTK Network: Network Marketing Software

MLM, an acronym for Multi Level Marketing is also popularly known as Network Marketing or Referral Marketing. As the name suggests, MLM is a platform where several distributors can grow their network to sell a product. This is a commission based marketing strategy where a distributor is initially engaged in selling a product. Further he can recruit distributors under him and can make earnings from sales made by the recruited. Thus a person not only gets profited by the direct sales he makes, but also gets commission from the distributors he recruits creating a down line of distributors and hierarchy of multiple levels. MLM software provides perfect prospect for your Network Marketing business growth.

WTK Network is an advanced web based mlm/network marketing software. All aspects of Network marketing business, new distributor registration to commission payouts are all taken care by the online software. This software makes it easy to run a large mlm company efficiently. This software is affordable and a must have for any MLM / Network Marketing business.

WTK Network Features

What's new in WTK Network 1.6.5?

  • New Responsive Template (uses bootstrap framework)
  • Flat shipping and Location based shipping charges support
  • New payment gateways supported
  • SMS alerts feature improvements
  • Multiple images can be uploaded per product
  • Referral link for individual product

What's new in WTK Network 1.6.4?

  • Downloadable products (digital products) are supported
  • Gmail, Yahoo contacts invite and Facebook wall post feature added
  • Configurable Personalized website name which can be different from username
  • Facebook Login added
  • Email template enabling/disabling supported, email subject is configurable
  • Yearly/Half yearly membership renewal fee supported
  • Member to member, eWallet fund transfer feature supported
  • payment gateway & Cheque(Check) Offline payment mode supported
  • Tools page added for manual crediting of referral/recurring/product purchase/guest product purchase commission
  • Transaction password added for withdrawal requests
  • Configurable currency format and decimal symbol
  • Separate first pair and second pair onwards match ration is now configurable for binary plan
  • No double commission (direct referral and first level) configuration added
  • Monthly recurring (maintenance charges) feature improvements and invoice history page added
  • Home page banner slider support for unlimited number of banners
  • Auto order creation(starter kit) for joining fee payment & recurring fee
  • Static link menu items are supported
  • Guest purchase feature & Free downloads area can be enabled or disabled by admin
  • Configuration to allow/disallow editing sponsor name in registration page
  • STMTP port configuration added
  • Language translation added for main menu items


WTK Network Salient Features

  • Online registration of Distributors
  • Online tracking of downline members
  • Commission tracking and payout request
  • Supports Binary, Matrix, Unilevel plans
  • Unlimited number of distributor plans support
  • Grouped plans and Plan Upgrade support
  • Recurring Fees
  • Both manual Commission Processing and instant commission
  • Minimum monthly/weekly product purchase configurations
  • Upto 15 level commission tracking
  • Distributor login using username/email/member no/facebook
  • Inbuilt Shopping Cart with product purchase commission configuration
  • Level Compression support
  • Direct Referral commission
  • Self Purchase commission
  • Guest Purchase commission
  • SMS gateways integrated
  • Paypal, Payza, Skrill (Monebookers),, Bank/wire, Cheque payment support
  • Customizable website, supports multiple color themes, with cms for web pages, menus, mail templates
  • Google ad placement/Ad support on pages
  • Referral tracking through both username and membership number
  • Configurable referral url formats (4 formats)
  • Supports All currencies
  • Multiple Language Support (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Hindi, French, Croatian, Thai)
  • Multiple Admin Roles with configurable Access Privileges
  • Product import from csv file
  • Backup feature
  • BV based binary product commission calculation
  • Supports ePINs
  • Tax deduction support
  • SMTP email support
  • Genealogy tree view & Broadcast message to downline members
  • Invite contacts from Gmail and Yahoo and invite, Post to facebook wall
  • Free member download area support
  • Easy to use Admin panel
  • Admin features: Member signup graph, distributor management, earnings, payouts, genealogy, ePINs, reports, broadcast, mail template configuration
  • Cron based (scheduled) email delivery to handle hourly email limit placed by shared hosting servers
  • Updates, security patches free for 1 year!
  • Minimum 30% guaranteed discount for future software upgrade!
  • Ready to launch website software, Start your business in 24 hours!

Current Version: 1.6.5

Live Demo (v 1.6.5)

Unilevel Plan Demo:
Username: james
Password: james

Admin URL:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Forced Matrix Plan Demo:
Username: james
Password: james

Admin URL:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Binary Plan Demo:
Username: james
Password: james

Admin URL:
Username: admin
Password: admin

* Demo server db is reset every 4 hours
* All user password is same as their username
* Some features like file uploads, broadcast email are disabled in demo for security reasons
* Our software supports all 3 plan types, to make the demo easy to understand, we have setup seperate demo for each plan type

How to Order?

Visit to order >>

Server Requirements:
PHP 5 or higher
MySQL 5 or higher
ionCube Loader (?)
GD Library
(Most shared hosting servers meet this requirement)

You must decide the domain name before making purchase. This software can be installed on the specified domain only.

Whats New?

Dec 8, 2014: WTK Network v1.6.5 released.
Jan 6, 2013: WTK Network v1.6.4 released.
Mar 12, 2013: WTK Network v1.6.3 released.
Oct 30, 2012: WTK MLM (WTK Network) v1.6.2 released.
Aug 15, 2012: WTK MLM v1.6.1 released.
Jul 28, 2012: WTK MLM v1.6.0 released.



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